How To Eliminate International Roaming Charges?

When you travel abroad, have you ever wished that you could reach your family or colleagues back in the U.S. like a local phone call ... like you never left the U.S.? iPlum allows you to do that without breaking the bank.

You want your colleagues, friends and family to be able to reach you easily on your mobile phone without incurring huge international roaming charges?. No problem. You can do that with an iPlum US phone number, with a low cost of $1 per month and 1 cent per minute for calling or texting.

What you get is a convenient solution where you get a dedicated real U.S. phone number, with no ads or sponsored content. You will be able to reach any mobile phone or landline in the U.S. – including mobile phones which don’t have the iPlum app you are using installed.

For business, you need texting and calling to be very secure, protecting the privacy of your communications.  iPlum app uses encryption to keep your information confidential, and peer to peer key management protocols help prevent Man In The Middle (MITM) attacks.


With iPlum, you get a low cost and easy way to keep in touch with your contacts back in the U.S. whether you are on a business or personal trip. The number that shows up as your Caller ID is a real U.S. phone number, so it becomes so much easier for people to return your calls. You can be reached at your iPlum phone number as you travel from country to country, so long as you have data access.

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