How to Add a Second Business Line for Android Phones?

You no longer have to drag around two phones to keep your personal and business life separate. By adding a second line to your Android device, you can make things easier while maintaining a professional business appearance.

Today, many small business owners operate using an assortment of available communication devices. Increasingly, they use their cell phones to communicate with existing clients and potential buyers.

If this sounds like your communication set up, you can take your business connectivity to the next level with a second business line for Android phones. A second line app can help you enjoy the same benefits as a high-end PBX system using only your smartphone. For a nominal fee, you can level the communications playing field for your business.

For a guide to adding a second business line to your Android device, continue reading.

1. The Importance of Professional Communication

2. HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

3. Accessing Professional Phone Services the Easy Way

The Importance of Professional Communication

If you run a small business, you may need to pay hefty fees to take advantage of advanced calling features on your smartphone. However, you can access those features for a fraction of what it cost to make use of advanced calling functions through a mobile service. A virtual phone app can give you access to commercial-grade communication – without a commercial-grade bill.

A virtual phone app lets you make high-definition calls using your smartphone. It works using your existing mobile subscriber Wi-Fi.

With a quick download, you can access advanced features such as conversation recording, auto text reply and voicemail transcription.

Choose the Right Virtual Provider for a Professional Image

A virtual phone app can help you display a higher level of professionalism for your business. By taking advantage of the remarkable benefits of virtual phone service, you can create a strong presence for your brand.

For example, nearly everyone has called a company for information and used an automated menu. This service routes customer calls efficiently.

When you used the service, it most likely gave you the impression that you were dealing with a professional organization. A virtual second line can allow you to present that same image for your business.

The biggest benefit of a virtual second line, however, is cost savings. For a remarkably low fee, you can access a full suite of professional features for your enterprise.

For example, you can set up an unlimited number of virtual extensions. You can also manage call routing and call forwarding automatically, just like with a professional PBX system.

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

Today, the medical field is undergoing a major overhaul. Now, healthcare organizations are changing their methods and embracing technology. However, it’s important to exercise caution when communicating with patients.

Relatively new laws require that organizations keep patient information confidential and secure. If you operate in the medical field, virtual phone service can help you remain in compliance.

For example, a growing number of business owners recognize the value of text for communicating with customers. As a care provider, you can ensure that your text messages remain in compliance by subscribing to a secure virtual service. Then, you can communicate with patients easily while following regulations.

A virtual number will prevent patients from seeing your private number on their phone. When you subscribe to a virtual second line, your patients will only see the name that you programmed into the outgoing caller ID.

Also, you’ll no longer have to concern yourself with mixing personal and business calls on your Android device. To distinguish between the two lines, you can use ringtones that make it easy to recognize when you have an incoming business call.

A virtual number can also help you overcome communications problems. The service works over Wi-Fi. If you work in a building with poor reception, you can enjoy crystal-clear calls right over your Android internet connection.

Adding a Second Business Line for Android Devices

Adding a second line to your Android device is as easy as installing your favorite game. You can begin by navigating to the Google Play app store.

Next, download a second line calling app and set up your account. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Now, you need to decide what you want to do with your existing business phone number. You can either forward or port it to your new virtual number.

You also want to figure out how you want to handle business texting. You can continue to use your smartphone carrier service. Alternatively, however, you can use your virtual phone number to text, creating a more professional image.

Now your virtual second line is ready for business. You can make and receive calls to and from any phone number in North America.

Furthermore, you’ll have a separate service for managing voicemail messages. You can even set up an automated response menu that directs clients to the right employee or voicemail.

Accessing Professional Phone Services the Easy Way

Now that you see how easy it is to add a second business line for Android, you need a great service provider.

iPlum is the premier virtual second line service in North America. Experience for yourself how easy it is to set up virtual communication for your business.

Using only your Android device, you can set up your virtual phone service in mere minutes. Our service is the solution for professional, secure communication.

iPlum is an excellent way to set up a business phone service for remote teams. It’s fast and easy to deploy. Visit to start taking advantage of advanced features such as auto-receptionist, call screening and toll-free numbers in the blink of an eye – or download it right from the Google Play app store.


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