How Real Estate Agents Can Increase their Productivity with iPlum?

Modern Real Estate Professional

Each day a new group of people discover, and start using iPlum on their smartphones for business communication. Alongside entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the largest groups of iPlum users are real estate agents. We've always thought iPlum was a great fit for today’s modern real estate professionals and their mobile lifestyle. Now the industry experts from Inman Real Estate also agree.

Let’s look more closely into what makes iPlum the must have app for real estate professionals.

Table of Contents

1. Your Smartphone is your new workspace

2. Business and personal (communication) shouldn’t mix

3. Always on, always connected

4. iPlum Features

Your Smartphone is your new workspace

The needs of the mobile real estate agent have evolved over last few years. Earlier the business was conducted on the office desk  The phone line was tethered to a single location, without the ability to conduct business when the agents were out and about. It started to change as agents started to juggle two separate phone numbers: landline when in the office and personal mobile phone when they were on the go. For today’s modern real estate agent, the demands of clients require always-on connectivity. Productivity can’t wait until you get back to your desk, your office, or even till you get in front of your computer screen. The smartphone has become your go-to device. Whether you’re updating a client on the status of their offer, passing along directions to your next open house, or managing digital signatures on-the-go, your phone screen now sits as the most valuable real estate in your personal productivity toolkit.

Enter iPlum

Business and personal (communication) shouldn’t mix

Have you ever accidentally texted someone something that was meant for someone else? It’s incredibly embarrassing. Well, if you’re using your personal cell phone number to communicate with clients, this mishap can be more than embarrassing, it can be harmful to your career or business. Keep all your important business communication with clients separate from your personal calls and texts by using Plum's business line through our mobile app. You won’t have to worry about accidentally dialing a client or mistakenly texting an embarrassing picture. With iPlum all the communication from your business line happens inside our app, completely separate from your personal phone line, enabling you to preserve your personal privacy.

Always on, always connected

Most real estate agents can tell you, the fast-paced nature of the business and the expectation of your clients require instantaneously responsive. The difference between a house sold or not, is often the result of a single call, text or voicemail. Access to your professional business line and the ability to orchestrate all the demands and challenges right from your smartphone make a world of difference. Whether you're taking calls while you’re driving, checking voicemail while waiting for a client to arrive at an open house, or texting urgent loan status updates to prospective buyers, iPlum makes it all possible  - right now, not later. Don't wait till you get back to the office, be productive wherever you’re at.

iPlum Features

Here are the features tailored for today’s Real Estate Agent

  • Designed for the mobile professional.
  • Affordable pricing with no long term contracts.
  • Phone number flexibility - Pick a new number in your desired area code or port over an existing number.
  • Instant communication with text messages, not email.
  • Set up a voicemail for your business line, including a custom greeting for all your important business messages.
  • Configure call forwarding if you want the incoming iPlum calls to ring to your mobile or landline office.
  • Manage your account online, check call logs, add users.
  • No additional hardware or expensive business phone system to purchase. Simply download the app and you’ll be running in minutes.
Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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