How a Service Technician Solved BYOD Privacy with 2nd Line?

Experiences from our Customers:

Paul is a service technician at a regional store chain which installs and maintains home appliances and small electronics. His company schedules his visits with new clients. He often calls the clients before the installation and leaves his number for after installation support. He worries about the privacy of his personal phone number. Paul's company found the solution with iPlum which gives him a second number for business, right on his iPhone.

The Challenge: How to Keep Mobile Number Private?

Service technicians are constantly on the road, as they go from a store to a job site, and on to the next job or store pick up. They need to keep in constant contact with customers, store employees, and central help desks to get the job done.

“In the course of my day, I work with so many people and I end up having to leave my phone number with total strangers,” says Paul. “I need to be easily reachable any time to get new job assignments and to get my work done. I don’t want to carry two phones and so everyone used to get my personal phone number.”

The Solution: iPlum Second Line

The company decided to offer iPlum as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for its service technicians. Paul installed iPlum app on his iPhone. He selected a phone number in the local area code where he does most of his business. “In my kind of business, it helps to be local. When I call a client to set up an appointment, the local area code gives a neighborly touch,” said Paul.

iPlum provides a real phone number with true Caller ID, so clients can call back with a single tap.

Paul set up a different ringtone for his iPlum calls, so he can tell from the ring whether it is a personal call on his mobile or a business call on the iPlum number.

“It’s very simple to use,” said Paul. “It is perfect for my job. No time is wasted. Call quality is great and the connections are reliable."

"I put my iPlum number as my contact number for clients. My personal phone number is kept private.”

Paul was able to set up a separate voicemail greeting for business. “My work related messages go to my iPlum app,” said Paul. “Business contacts, call lists, and text messages are all separate. Only my personal calls and texts are shown on my private number. I like the clear separation of business from personal.”

“iPlum solution is feasible for us because of the low cost per month for the iPlum phone number,” said the IT manager for the chain.

Billing for multiple iPlum users can be consolidated with a convenient, cloud based console for business account. It is easy to set up a group account and provision iPlum phone numbers and credits for the service technicians and manage payments centrally. The IT manager at the store chain can pay for iPlum accounts for all the service technicians using a corporate account, instead of having each person buy individually on iTunes or Google Play accounts.


Paul is using iPlum phone number as his business phone number on his iPhone. He is happy that he can carry a single phone and still get privacy for his personal phone number and information. He can now freely give out his business phone number to clients and business associates and put it on his emails, paper work and business cards.

Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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