Can Your U.S. Customers Reach You on a Local Phone Number?

You may be living in different parts of the world but you have connections to U.S., whether a customer or a friend.  You wish your U.S. contacts can reach you easily on your mobile phone or tablet by just dialing a local phone number. You want to enable your customers, friends and family to reach you like you were in the U.S.! iPlum allows that.

When you take a look at some of the popular internet calling apps, you realize they don’t have what you need for this easy reach.

With Skype, you can make calls to landlines and mobile but you don’t get a dedicated phone number, so you can be reached only on the Skype app. And if you try to add a number it becomes very expensive.

Vonage mobile app offers phone calls and text messages, but it works as an extension to your Vonage landline, which costs over $30 per month.

Whatsapp provides calling and messaging but requires the same app on both ends.

Google Voice requires that you have an existing U.S. phone number before you can get a Google Voice number! How many international users have that option? Google also requires your calls to be forwarded to a U.S. number unless you go through a complicated configuration process.

Several other apps make you watch endless hours of advertisement videos to earn credits that you’ll need to use.

What you need is a convenient and inexpensive solution where you get a dedicated U.S. phone number, with no ads or sponsored content. You need to be able to reach any mobile phone or landline in the U.S. – including mobile phones which don’t have the app you are using installed.

For business, you need an app that uses encryption to keep your information confidential, and peer to peer key management protocols that help prevent Man In The Middle (MITM) attacks. This would make texting and calling very secure, protecting the privacy of your communications.


With such an app, you have a low cost and easy way to keep in touch with your U.S. friends and customers, and reach out to prospective clients. Whether you are an India based recruiter seeking to place expert IT resources in American companies, or a business development specialist in China doing outreach to prospective partners in the U.S., the benefits are clear.

Not only can you call your clients and prospects for a very low monthly fee, your contacts in the U.S. can also call you back easily on the number, without incurring any international calling charges. The number that shows up as your Caller ID is your real U.S. phone number, so it becomes so much easier for customers to return your calls.

Now you have a simple yet powerful solution. Using your iPlum U.S. phone number, you can make calls and send text to any mobile or land line phone number in the U.S., no matter where you are roaming.  You can also be reached at your iPlum phone number as you travel from country to country, so long as you have data access. When you are travelling to the U.S., you can enjoy the calling benefits of the local U.S. phone number that you already use.

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