7 Tips for Finding the Best Fax Services Near Me

It might be surprising but millions of people are still sending faxes every day across America. For years it looked as though this old technology was going extinct. Instead, new advances have given it a comeback.

And it's really no surprise. This form of communication and sending documents is fast, efficient, and set up to handle very important documents carefully.

Bringing faxing back to your business can be a game-changer and up your productivity levels.

If you find yourself googling "fax services near me", follow our tips to finding the best service to get the job done right the first time.

Table of Contents

1. Convenient Process

2. Easy Access

3. HIPAA Compliant

4. Safe for Legal Documents

5. Volume Capacity

6. Required Equipment

7. Overall Cost Breakdown

1. Convenient Process

The most important thing to search for in a faxing service is that they have a convenient process.

Your business has enough things to deal with, faxing shouldn't be one that causes problems. It's just human nature that when things are easier we don't put them off and we do them more often.

Faxing shouldn't be so complicated that everyone avoids handling those tasks.

It's important to take a look at the process offered by different companies to find the one that will work best for your situation. The technology has changed over the years and there are many options to choose from, you'll be able to find something that works for you.

2. Easy Access

Right along with the process being convenient for you and your employees, you should also make sure that the faxing services have easy access.

You'll want to be sure that anyone on your team who needs to get into the faxing service and do their jobs. Again, if it's too complicated to even get into the program most people will put it off and that can cause problems.

Similarly, the setup process should be simple as well. Every company has different needs and capabilities, so you just want to make sure this service will fit into your business.

Most faxing services just require setting up a new fax number, but it's good to be sure there's nothing else before signing up.

3. HIPAA Compliant

If you work within the healthcare industry, you are well-versed in HIPAA laws and what you need to do to keep your patients' information secure.

Those same regulations apply to your faxing service as well. It needs to be set up to fit into the set regulations and meet industry standards for privacy. The faxing service will be able to show you if they are or aren't HIPAA compliant, but you have to ask.

In order for the line to be HIPAA compliant, it must be secured to prevent any hacking and stealing of information transmitted through it.

These safety measures are usually already set up but it's a good thing to double-check.

4. Safe for Legal Documents

Along the same lines, if you're planning on sending legal documents through your fax service you need to make sure it's safe and secure as well.

These types of transactions don't require the same level and don't have official regulations. But it's still important to know if there are any security measures in place before sending personal or confidential information over these lines.

Faxing is often more accepted for legal purposes than other digital communication forms like email. So this is often the main purpose of a fax line.

You don't want any of your information to be hacked and stolen in transmission, making sure there are safety precautions in place that will prevent that and give you peace of mind.

5. Volume Capacity

Even though faxing has gone down in popularity and availability, there still are millions of faxes sent each day. Some businesses completely rely on the ability to fax several documents in one business day.

If you are predicting that your business will have a high-volume of documents being sent, you want to check the capacity of the fax line.

It would be terrible to have a line be busy right when you need to send a very important document. You can avoid that by making sure your line has a high-capacity and doesn't get overcrowded.

6. Required Equipment

With the way that faxing has changed over the years, there is a wide variety of possible services available to you and your business.

You will want to look into the type of equipment that will be required by a specific service to see if it will fit in with your office. The very good news is that many fax services don't require any machines anymore.

Cloud fax services make sending faxes possible completely online without putting the document through a machine. But you'll possibly need a scanner to get the document on the computer in the first place.

Each service will have a slightly different setup process, so find the one that will work the best for your company.

7. Overall Cost Breakdown

Every business has a budget that keeps them from spending too much and eating into their profits. In order for any business to be successful, they need to stick to that budget as strictly as possible.

Getting a faxing service shouldn't throw a budget out of balance and eat into the profits.

Before signing up for any service you'll need to make sure that their services and any other associated fees can work with your limits. Some fax services will have additional fees attached, make sure to ask about any possibility of that before beginning.

This is where the helpful tips and tricks from other past customers in reviews may come in handy to give you a realistic view.

The Best Fax Services Near Me

When you are running a business, there are so many little details to take care of to keep things running smoothly. Managing all of the details can be overwhelming ad difficult.

Finding the "best fax services near me" can be another one of those tedious tasks unless you follow our tips. This way you can find the fax services that will get the job done right and not have to go through the search again.


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Authored by Keily Atterberg
a freelance writer specializing in content creation for mobile security. She also writes for many local & national publications.
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