2 Phones: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Second Phone Number Now!

It might seem like a great idea to have all your work and personal life directed to one phone number, but a second phone number can make things easier for you.

With two-thirds of the world owning a mobile phone, the number will only go up along with the prices of smartphones.

These reasons will compel you to think about getting another number to improve efficiency.

1. Running Business on your Mobile

2. The Unknown World - Find Who is Calling You

3. Protect Your Privacy With a Second Phone Number

4. Stop Data Breaches

5. Sell on Facebook and Craigslist

6. Online Dating

7. Shopping

8. Add a Number and Enhance Your Life

1. Running Business on your Mobile

Running a business is the biggest reason to have a second phone number.

When you first start up your business, you'll need a number to field sales calls, media inquiries, and job applicants who want to work for you.

You don't want to post your personal number for the world to see. Use a secondary number so you can prepare automatic greetings and set appointments.

As your company grows, you can add numbers and set office hours for yourself.

Don't start your business using your personal phone number. It looks tacky and unprofessional. You don't want all the calls coming to you every hour of the night.

When the evening hits, have the business phone calls go to an automated voicemail you can check tomorrow.

Using a second phone number is also going to help out your thin budget. Don't waste money on a phone system or business smartphone.

A professional phone system for your office could run hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. Using a second virtual line will only cost a few dollars a month.

2. The Unknown World - Find Who is Calling You

While the unknown can be adventurous - getting calls from blocked or unknown area codes usually raises red flags.

Are you expecting a call from an organization or someone important? Call the unknown number back from your secondary phone line and see who was calling you.

If the unknown number turns out to be someone you know, go ahead and give them your personal number. If it's a scammer, delete the number and block them from your phone.

3. Protect Your Privacy With a Second Phone Number

Are you a private person who doesn't like to give out your phone number? If you enjoy your privacy, you can continue to have it.

One of the features of a second virtual phone line is that the traditional *67 won't reveal your phone number to anyone who tries it.

Do you need to make discrete calls or texts? A secondary line is exactly what you need to protect your identity or reputation.

4. Stop Data Breaches

Anytime you sign up for a phone app or service provider, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions of the company.

A lot of companies and organizations store your data with no intention of using it maliciously; however, there are agents with bad intentions.

You see it on the news all the time - a company is hacked and all the information belonging to clients and employees are compromised.

Next time an app wants your phone number to sign up, give the secondary phone number.

When you wake up and read the news that your favorite retailer or app has a data breach, feel comfortable knowing your phone number is secure.

5. Sell on Facebook and Craigslist

Popular or unique items for sale online generate interest and drive up the price. Unfortunately, if you post your phone number, you may get unwanted or too many phone calls about your items.

Forget about searching through endless emails, prospective buyers will continuously hound your phone.

You can post a secondary number and have all calls go straight to voicemail. This will give you the ability to respond to legitimate offers and filter out unrelated messages.

If safety is important to you, protect your identity on Craigslist by providing a secondary number when completing a transaction with a stranger.

6. Online Dating

The world of online dating is exciting and scary at the same time. Instead of hoping to meet a perfect match randomly, you can select criteria that fit both parties.

One of the biggest leaps in the online dating world is exchanging phone numbers. If the person makes you feel uncomfortable after a date, then they still have your personal number.

You don't have to lie about the secondary number. Let your date know they can get your real phone number after getting to know them better.

With a second phone number, you can protect yourself and produce distance for your safety.

7. Shopping

Big box chains and online vendors all want phone numbers to improve their marketing reach. Some stores require the phone number to sign up for discounts or to receive deals.

The last thing you want is marketing texts and calls at all hours of the day.

You can confidently give your second number to the cashier knowing you don't have to worry about them, and you will also receive their special membership.

8. Add a Number and Enhance Your Life

There are a lot of people and groups that don't need your number, and you don't need the hassle.

Having a second phone number alleviates issues, helps you screen unwanted calls, and allows you to run an efficient business.

Take advantage of the benefits of a second phone without physically having a new one.


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