10 Best Business Voicemail Greeting Examples

Communication is key in business relationships. Research reveals that 97% of all business calls go to voicemail, making it an important aspect of customer connection. A poorly made voicemail creates a possibility of disconnect. But, when set up properly, voicemail can also improve the communication between you and your consumers.  What you say matters. Read on for 10 business voicemail greeting suggestions and some helpful hints!

1. Straight to the Point

Straight-to-the-point greetings for business work well. Try:

"Thank you for calling (Business Entity). I'm unable to answer the phone right now so please leave a message."

Long greetings may lose impatient people. This brings them right to the beep and allows them the freedom to explain what they need from you.

2. Emphasized Importance

Making your caller feel important will make them more likely to leave a message for you. This opens the line of communication and helps keep them tethered to your business.

Emphasize their importance with:

"Hello and thank you for calling (Business Entity)! Your call is important to me, so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible."

Many people suffer from voicemail anxiety, causing them to hang up and sever the line of communication. Letting them know you anticipate the conversation with them can help calm those nerves so you keep your customer.

3. Personal Business

Some people run a personal business that they need a second phone line for. This greeting should differ from your personal line, to make it sound professional.

Use a greeting like:

"Hello, you have reached the business line for (Full Name). I am unable to reach your call at the moment but will get back to you at my earliest convenience. Thank you for calling."

This distinguishes the business line from the personal line so that people know they called the right number. It sounds clean and professional.

4. Tell Them What You Want

If you run a busy business, you may find yourself often in a hurry. This makes long, drawn-out voicemails a nuisance.

Avoid them with a greeting like:

"Thank you for calling (Business Entity). Sorry I cannot take your call. Please leave your name, number, and a brief reason for your call and I will get back to you."

While directing them to keep it short, make sure you do the same. People tend to follow suit.

5. Holiday Greetings

Celebrate with your callers. This will create good energy for future conversations.

Use a greeting like:

"Happy holidays from (Business Entity). I'm sorry we missed your call but we took this time to enjoy our families. We will get back to you after the holidays. Wishing you peace and joy until then!"

This lets the callers know that you took time off for everybody to celebrate the holiday but will resume right after. It also acknowledges the holiday for them. Both of these aspects create more of a personal connection, which strengthens business relationships.

6. Gone Away

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, sometimes you cannot take calls on your trips. Setting up a vacation voicemail lets your customers know that you did not leave them behind for your vacation.


"Greetings from (Vacation Spot)! I am out of town from (date to date) but will begin returning calls after (date). Please leave a message or call back after (return date). Thank you!"

Providing dates prevents anxiety and frustration about if and when you will return their call. Leaving the option to call back after that date can help you out tremendously. It reduces the number of voicemails left for your return and makes people feel comfortable with calling again.

7. Website Suggestion

Sometimes people call for things that your website can answer. Direct them to your website with a greeting like:

"Hello and thank you for calling (Business Entity). We value our customers and want your questions answered promptly and completely. Visit (website) and call back if the information provided does not answer your question. Thanks for your business!"

Directing them to your website may significantly reduce the number of voicemails you receive. This means taking less time to explain information they can find on their own and making more time for building your business.

8. Informative

Companies that offer services often get calls about something specific. For this, add the information to your voicemail.

For example, your greeting might say:

"Thank you for calling (Business Entity), located at (Address). Sorry, we cannot come to the phone right now. We are now offering (services and prices). If you still need help, please leave a message and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible."

Add in as little or as much as you deem necessary for limiting the number of callbacks your representatives need to focus on. If this comes out too long, add numbered options for reaching the information they need.

9. After Hours

Creating a separate greeting for closing time can be useful for both you and the client. For an after-hours greeting, say:

"Thank you for calling (Business Entity). I am sorry but we are currently closed. Our office hours are (office hours). Please try your call again within that time or leave a message with your name and number for further assistance."

People just calling to check your hours will get what they need from this message. It leaves your efforts to the people who need more and lets everybody know exactly what hours they can reach you.

10. Humorous

Business greetings often sound serious. Adding in a touch of humor can lighten up your consumer's mood and personalize your connection.

You may use a funny greeting like:

"Knock-knock. Who's there? Not, (Business Entity), but your call matters to us! Please leave a message so we can return your call!"

Using humorous puns that play on your business can turn out ingenious. Just keep the humor light and avoid anything that may offend any consumers.

Connect With Your Business Voicemail Greeting

Your business voicemail greeting should create an instant connection with the caller. This opens up the lines of communication by allowing them to feel heard and letting you know what they need.

Your business phone brings in the business! Get started with your voicemail service so you do not miss out on anyone important. See our voicemail FAQ to keep you in the know.

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