Next-Generation VoIP Mobile Phone System for Professionals

Separate business and personal communication with iPlum—a mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant VoIP solution. Streamline business calls and keep your text messages secure, all from one location.

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Leverage a Reliable Business Line Without the Hassle

Make business communication effortless and give clients peace of mind—no secondary phones or receptionists required.
Seamlessly Transfer Calls

Set up call flows and greetings while managing phone numbers and features for your users from a central cloud-based console.

Seamlessly Transfer Calls

Never miss a call again with a bespoke cloud system and auto-attendant that routes incoming calls to the right extension.

Keep Messaging on Brand

Welcome your callers with business-branded messaging through personalized greetings and outgoing text signatures.

End-to-End Features for Better Communication

Built with professionals in mind, iPlum's features are intuitive and simplify siloed communication across the board.
Secure Texting

Send secure text messages through encrypted channels and allow clients to contact you through the iPlum app.

Business Hours

Stay available to clients throughout the day through a separate line and let iPlum handle messages after business hours.

Do Not Disturb

Enable do not disturb hours for calls and text messages and easily customize notifications to fit your business hours.

Mobile Extensions

Create forwarding extensions to route your Auto-Attendant IVR calls to the same or multiple users throughout your phone tree.

Customizable Greetings

Easily set up greetings for each account when you are unavailable or out of office through the iPlum portal.

Call Transfer

Receive calls via phone tree and transfer calls received on any extension to another iPlum or external number.

How do you use iPlum?

iPlum is a mobile app used by businesses to efficiently manage calls and texts.

Using iPlum, it's now easier for people and businesses to answer text or voice messages during business hours and send them to voicemail after hours.

Our team of mobile security experts prioritize security and privacy when it comes to business communication. We use cutting-edge encryption technology to protect your data at every stage of transmission. Users have the option to add HIPAA compliance and other industry regulatory requirements to their plans for client privacy.

It is our goal to provide an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that will save companies time and money.

Extensive Features for Next-Level VoIP

With over 50+ calling and texting features, iPlum provides you with secure, private communication on and off the clock.
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Dual Calling Reliability
Auto-Text Replies
Toll-Free Number
Porting Number
International Calls & Texts
Cloud Voicemail
Online Fax
And more...

What Customers Are Saying

Discover why customers are choosing iPlum to efficiently manage their professional calls and texts.

"As a healthcare professional, it is essential to have a HIPPA-compliant phone line to communicate with my patients. I have happily used iPlum for years now with no complaints."

Vasquez P.

"Since finding iPlum, I have recommended their app to numerous business owners that I work with. Their included features are second to none, and the price point is very affordable."

Paul D.
IT Consultant

"As someone who works all hours, keeping my personal and professional life separate is very important. With iPlum, I can set business hours and use automated greetings for my clients."

Tom R.
Real Estate

Revolutionize Your Professional Communication

Securely and efficiently channel your business and personal mobile lines. With easy setup and extensive features, iPlum is a cost-effective and intuitive VoIP solution that optimizes how you do business.